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Genuine Handcrafted Wiradjuri Artefacts

Michael Lyons Wiradjuri Elder is known word wide as a Presenter of Wiradjuri Cultural Days to Local Schoolsalong with Wiradjuri Artefacts, specialising in hand-made tuned, playable termite hollowed Mallee didgeridoos.
This art of handcrafting genuine Wiradjuri artefacts is something Michael learnt at the hands of his father and grandfather.
Not just limited to didgeridoos Michael also produces a range of Wiradjuri artefacts including boomerangs, coolamons, dilly bags, woomeras, hook boomerangs, hunting boomerangs, emu callers, clapsticks, bullroarer, nulla nullas, digging sticks spears and shields.  In April 2013 Michael was invited to participate in the Niort Tourism Festival in Niort France to talk about and demonstrate Wiradjuri culture. Michael was accompanied by son Michael Jnr., youngest son Barry and grandson Nathan Smith. The presentation included artwork, bush tucker, storytelling, artefacts and playing the didgeridoo. The festival ran for nine days.

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