Custom Didgeridoos,
Select your Key, Select your Design.
Even custom Boomerangs...
or choose from any of Michael's products
and make them your own.

Michael, Wiradjuri Elder, has traditionally made his didgeridoos in the key of C or D as they are best for beginning players. Now due to customer demand Michael offers both beginners and professionals alike, your choice of key, your choice of decoration—either one of Michael's own designs or your own custom design even your name or your bands name can be included or should you prefer a clear coated clean skin.

Michael's own designs include: Burnt Wiradjuri Totem, Carved & Painted Wiradjuri Totem, Burnt Rainbow Serpent, Carved & Painted Rainbow Serpent.

Please remember that your didgeridoo may sound slightly different season by season and like all timber instruments will change in character as it ages.

Please note the two modern designs included in these 30 second videos.

Order your Custom Product Now

Please remember that these are genuine custom made items and may take a few weeks to make before they are ready to ship, also some keys are harder to source suitable timber. Either way Michael will contact you with progress reports and estimated time for completion.


China Eastern Airlines Commissioned Boomerang

custom boomerang

Even a custom card designed for your special item

custom card


Didgeridoo in A


Didgeridoo in B


Didgeridoo in C


Didgeridoo in C Sharp


Modern Style Didgeridoo in C


Modern Style Didgeridoo in C


Didgeridoo in D


Didgeridoo in E


Didgeridoo in F


Didgeridoo in F Sharp


Didgeridoo in G


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